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Community leader answers DeSantis book bans by opening library

In Orange County, there's more than one way to get books about Black history into students’ hands.

While Gov. Ron DeSantis's administration is working to remove books and other media from classrooms and school libraries under the guise that they teach , community leader Lawanna Gelzer has found a way to make all kinds of books available — but particularly those about Black life, Black history and by Black authors.

An Orlando activist who fights against systemic racism, Gelzer opened the Ms

Oakland juggles multiple water projects

In late October, the Town of Oakland announced it had received in state funding for its water system bypass project intended to provide residents with high quality drinking water in case of a water main break. The grant money will help cover half the construction costs, and the bypass is expected to be completed next summer.

State Sen. Geraldine F. Thompson, who represents District 44, which includes Oakland, helped procure the grant.

“There has been a great deal of growth in Central Florida,

'Enough is enough': UCF community reacts to deaths of Iranian protesters

Although recent rumors of mass Iranian executions are untrue, UCF students, alumni and professors continue to keep up with updates and protests for Iranian human rights.

“Whenever I hear, one kid has been killed, it has torched me,” said Sara Hjz, a protester and UCF Ph.D. candidate. “I have friends, classmates and cousins back there. They are brave enough to endanger their lives for their values, and I wish I were next to them.”

Protests broke out two months ago and made national headlines af

"Stand up, fight back": Crowds gather for Rally for Collective Rights at Orlando City Hall

Crowds and guest speakers gathered to rally against recent controversial bills being passed in Florida at Orlando City Hall on Feb. 26.

These recent bills affect LGBTQ+ rights, immigrants, people of color and those with a reproductive system.

Bills such as "Don’t Say Gay" bill and the "Stop WOKE Act" have been striking fear and anger in students, teachers and parents who believe Black and LGBTQ+ voices should not be silenced or censored in the classroom, according to Independent.

The "Don’t S