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I am a student journalist at the University of Central Florida. I love to write articles on topics pertaining to social justice and small communities. 

Estimated Graduation Date: May 2023 


A collection of my hard news stories.

'Don't Say Gay' bill passes the Florida Senate

The "Don’t Say Gay" bill passed the Florida Senate by a 22-17 vote on Tuesday and is awaiting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ overview and signature. If the bill gets DeSantis' signature, it will go into place July 1, before the new school year. The bill, Florida's Parental Rights in Education, would prohibit the discussion of LGBTQ+ identities in students from kindergarten through 3rd grade. It would also allow parents to sue schools if topics of LGBTQ+ identity come up in the classroom. The 2019 Nationa

Breaking the glass screen: UCF alumna speaks on women in gaming

A game designer broke the glass screen and addressed the glitch of representation in the gaming industry on Friday during the online virtual speaker series "Women in Games and Interactive Media." Alexia Mandeville, lead game designer at Niantic and UCF '14 digital media alumna, spoke on her experiences and journey as a woman in the gaming industry and what she wishes digital media majors will take from her. “I hope that people understand that they can do anything. There are all these rules in

Neo-Nazis spotted near UCF taunting bystanders

Neo-Nazis were spotted sporting antisemitic symbols and waving swastika flags on Saturday at Waterford Lakes Town Center in East Orlando. The rally was organized by the National Socialist Movement, and several unidentified individuals were seen donning swastikas, taunting bystanders and yelling "white power," according to eyewitness accounts and videos. Hannah Mason, senior advertising and public relations major, said she first saw the incident after seeing Snapchat videos her friend sent to h

Featured Articles

A collection of my 'soft news' , or feature articles. 

Can you get an abortion at a drugstore?

Retail pharmacies can now sell the “abortion pill” by prescription — but likely not in Florida. Retail pharmacies can now dispense mifepristone — the drug widely known as “the abortion pill” — following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval earlier this month. The large pharmacy chains plan to carry mifepristone in states where abortion is legal. But in Florida, where abortion is legal until , people aren’t likely to be able to pick up mifepristone at their local drugstore any time s

Oakland juggles multiple water projects

In late October, the Town of Oakland announced it had received in state funding for its water system bypass project intended to provide residents with high quality drinking water in case of a water main break. The grant money will help cover half the construction costs, and the bypass is expected to be completed next summer. State Sen. Geraldine F. Thompson, who represents District 44, which includes Oakland, helped procure the grant. “There has been a great deal of growth in Central Florida,

'Enough is enough': UCF community reacts to deaths of Iranian protesters

Although recent rumors of mass Iranian executions are untrue, UCF students, alumni and professors continue to keep up with updates and protests for Iranian human rights. “Whenever I hear, one kid has been killed, it has torched me,” said Sara Hjz, a protester and UCF Ph.D. candidate. “I have friends, classmates and cousins back there. They are brave enough to endanger their lives for their values, and I wish I were next to them.” Protests broke out two months ago and made national headlines af

"Just the tip of the iceberg"

Four Muslim women in West Orange on what the protests in Iran mean to them Women in Iran have taken to the streets in ever-growing protests since the , who was severely beaten by the government’s or “morality police,” for allegedly violating laws on wearing a hijab. Women are burning their hijabs, cutting their hair and chanting in the streets, Zan, Zendegie, Azadi or — a mantra of Iranian feminism. In the online magazine History Today, Nazanin Shahrokni, author of Women in Place: The Politics

"Stand up, fight back": Crowds gather for Rally for Collective Rights at Orlando City Hall

Crowds and guest speakers gathered to rally against recent controversial bills being passed in Florida at Orlando City Hall on Feb. 26. These recent bills affect LGBTQ+ rights, immigrants, people of color and those with a reproductive system. Bills such as "Don’t Say Gay" bill and the "Stop WOKE Act" have been striking fear and anger in students, teachers and parents who believe Black and LGBTQ+ voices should not be silenced or censored in the classroom, according to Independent. The "Don’t S

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Photos: 'Stand up, fight back', crowds gather for Rally for Collective Rights at Orlando City Hall

The Rally for Collective Rights was held at Orlando City Hall on Feb. 26. The rally goes against recent bills being passed in Florida, such as the 15-week abortion ban bill, which limits the time one can receive an abortion; the "Don't Say Gay" bill, which bans the teaching of LGBT+ knowledge in the classroom; and the Stop Woke Act, which would ban discussion on critical race theory in schools. Hundreds of people went to the rally along with guest speakers to discuss their experience as minorities and how these bills may affect them.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Made With Love

Are you looking for a unique gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? There is nothing more personal and meaningful than making something with your hands. A personally crafted gift shows compassion and effort. Here are a few ideas on the perfectly DIYed gift to give your partner. You and your partner can sort through your closets and exchange old denim jackets or choose to buy some at the thrift store. After acquiring the jackets, you can decorate them with your partner’s favorite

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Sustainable Style on a Budget

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit or any other date night can be tricky unless you know where to shop. Markets are your best friend. From handmade accessories to flowy skirts, you’ll be able to get the perfect outfit while saving money and the planet. Here are a few places to go (and sellers to buy from) to look and feel great on date night. Going to a flea market is the best way to find affordable, second-hand clothing and one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. There are several flea markets

How I Learned to Love Florida (and All its Weirdness) — Strike Magazines

I, like many others, grew up watching society make fun of Florida. The Sunshine State is the running gag of America. The internet made memes about the Florida Man, the everyday oddities, and the homeless with pet gators, to then have those same people post their vacations at Disney World and Daytona Beach. That is how Florida was perceived by out-of-staters. The truth is, underneath all the tourist traps and theme parks, Florida has a lot of hidden beauty that we Floridians enjoy to the fullest.

Turning Random Objects into fashion — Strike Magazines

I am the type of person that refuses to be limited by typical fashion norms. I am a firm believer that anything can be an accessory if you try hard enough. I decorate my clothes with anything I can get my hands on. I have a jacket covered in cat toys. I put vampire teeth on a chain and wear them on my jeans. I have bright green tights that I covered in plastic ladybugs and, I ripped out the hearts of all of my build-a-bears and sewed them to my jeans. I may sound like a walking catastrophe to m

The Untraditional Christmas Tree — Strike Magazines

My mom and I have a purple Christmas tree in our living room, covered in wacky ornaments like hippos, pigs and dinosaurs. It has a little sun as the tree topper rather than a star. We wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I think out-of-the-ordinary Christmas trees are underrated; the holidays do not always have to be the traditional hues of green, red and white. There are so many options to have fun decorating for Christmas in an artsy way. Pictured above and below are some awesome varieties of

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