Ellie Nassrallah

I am an alumna of the University of Central Florida. I majored in print/digital journalism and I love to write articles on topics pertaining to social justice and small communities.

My Story

My name is Ellie Nassrallah. I am an alumna of UCF and I am a Print / Digital Journalism Major. Writing has been my passion since I was a child, and when I decided to make a career out of my writing and become a journalist, it went from a hobby to my dream job. I  freelanced for VoxPopuli, a West Orange County newspaper. I wrote for my university's website, NSM Today, where I was the head Visual Editor, and I wrote for a student-run fashion magazine, Strike Magazine Orlando. I also have interned at Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine.

In May 2023 I graduated from UCF. I see a future in journalism and cannot wait to meet new people and write for my career. It has been a long journey and I cannot wait to begin a new one. 

I have always loved speaking for minorities like myself, being a Muslim woman. I want to highlight the voices of minorities and always look for protests or events to report on which address them, where I can bring attention to their voices in an unbias way. I also do not steer away from 'soft news' and love to report on the occasional lighthearted story, as every voice and every story matters to me. I love to have fun in my writing and write creatively, but I know when to use my voice to speak on serious issues; you'll always find me covering protests.